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Jockular Jamal Aquamarin

Date: may-2006

At Kinyemi's in Denmark, pups of Jamal and C'Hakika are born. See more on their webside


Date: jan-2005

Emmy is visiting the litter of Glenaholm Fundi's Friend in the USA.


Date: nov-2004

At 20 november 2004 Jamal finished his Croatian Championship during the exhibition in Zagreb.

Date: nov-2004

At the end of november Champion Glenaholm Fundi's Friend gave birth to 10 healthy puppies in the USA. Insemination with chilled semen resulted in 5 males and 5 females. Take a look at them at www.kabusha.com

Date: sept-2004

Emmy visited the Rhodesian Ridgeback Worldcongress in Texas (USA)

Mariėtte van der Veer and Rens Trappel represented Holland also.
If you want information about the lectures, please contact us.

Lisette Vanparijs (BE), Diane Price (AUS), Dorothy McGoldrick (BE), Emmy van Beek (NL), Sue Graigie (UK)